Wander Walker boots - Rose | Lemon Jelly

  • $187.00

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Deep black, in a robust style that melts away with the sweet pink outsoles. Vegan and lemon scented to wrap the details of these lightweight and comfortable jelly boots. Perfect rain or shine, dust or mud. Whether your office is at home, in your usual company building or an unexpected setting, your boots are going to take you a step further in every moment.


  • Microfiber absorbent insole with brand transfer
  • Metallic niquel-free rivet with Lemon Jelly logo
  • Glossy finishing
  • Ankle boot in PVC, complient with REACH european health and environmental standards against the effects of noxious substances
  • Lemon Scent
  • Heel with 4cm
  • Sole in EVA
  • Ribbed side elastics
  • Made in Portugal


To keep your Lemon Jelly's looking as new for longer we recommend the following steps: Wipe them gently with a damp soft cloth, keeping away the use of detergents or corrosive cleaning products or solvents. Let your pair dry naturally in the shade to avoid damaging their material, colour and texture. Store your Lemon Jelly's in their original box to protect them from contact with other footwear, avoiding stains or colour transfers