The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Jolie Folie

Mother's Day is almost here and we have so many awesome gifts so we thought we would give you a few ideas to find the perfect one, for the perfect Mom. 
A mom that likes to be comfortable but still looks stylish.
She loves her coffee or tea, reading or loves to spend time outside in her garden.

A mom that wants to cuddle up in the softest sweater ever and to relax with a calming bath or watch a good movie.

This Mom is not a regular Mom, she's a cool Mom. 
A mom can still love to wear her favorite tee and skip the wired bra for a nice soft bralette! 
A mom that loves to putting together outfits and adding the finishing touch of jewelry. She loves to dress up and feel great about herself.
Loves to shop and buy herself some great accessories. Not only for herself but for the house! Spoiling yourself ever hurt anyone...did it?

A mom that basically gets herself everything whenever she feels like! What do you buy her? Gift cards are made for these ladies! 
We also offer $5 gift wrapping as well. Cards are available.
As always, I wish you all to be safe and take care of yourselves and loved ones. 
We hope to see you in the store very soon! 
Gift cards are always available online if you'd like to support this small business.