Fashion Tips for a Classic Style

The Classic Style Type

You value longevity over trends and have a trusted look that is timeless, clean and traditional. You gravitate towards neutral colours with the occasional pop. A white blouse or a crisp white shirt is a staple. Accessories are simple—a simple gold chain, diamond studs, but nothing ever over the top.
Whether or not you’ve mastered your own classic look, we’ve got tips and inspiration below. 

1. Clothes with Classic Materials

It's always a good idea to buy clothes with classic materials like cotton, wool, linen, or silk.


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2. Neutral Colours
Neutral colors such as black, white, navy blue, and brown can be clothes that you can rely on.

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3. Wear Clothes That Fit

It's best to avoid clothes that are too tight or too baggy. If you need to adjust something, seamstresses are magical and can make just about anything right. 

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4. Stick to Classic Cuts 

No deep plunging necklines or cut-outs here. Stick to classic cuts or you probably wont feel comfortable in the clothing piece.

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5. Don't Overdress

A simple look is the easiest way to look classy. A white tee is a top choice. 

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