Cozy Vibes and Self Care Tips while Staying at Home

Firstly, we all hope you are staying safe. It's really important that we take this time to take care of ourselves and our families and we are doing just that. Days are starting to blur together here so we figured we could share a few ideas to help out during this stuck at home period. 

It's a good bet that many of you have been wearing the same PJ’s now for a few days. It's starting to feel a bit, well, stale. It's very important to start to implement a routine during the days ahead to keep ourselves feeling good.

An important step in that is to get dressed in the morning. It doesn't have to be a full on work style outfit but more something you feel good in. For me it's a great pair of jeans and a cozy sweater. I know a bunch of you love your rompers or your two-piece lounge wear. Put your hair up and you’re good! It makes all the difference to start the day off right. 

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Another way to take time for yourself (because we are stressed right?) is to pamper yourself with DIY Spa day, hour, or whatever you can fit in. Soak in a bath, put on a face mask, paint your nails, light a candle, put some soothing music on and just take some deep breaths.


So I'm sure you are sick of scrolling through Netflix looking for something else to watch. What about turning off the devices for a good old fashioned book. I just so happen to be married to an amazing author, Luke Murphy, and all four of his suspenseful, thrilling books are available to order or you can find them on the Kindle app. It's a great time to discover a new book series or re-read your favourites. You can order online here or find on Kindle here.


As you may have seen throughout social media a great way to support small businesses during this trying time is to share posts, leave reviews, engage with the store owners and support them. We have added the gift cards to the site, so they can be purchased now to help us out, and used later when you can come visit the shop, when it is safe to do so. 

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We all hope to get through this tough time together. The store is closed but packages are able to be shipped daily. Looking forward to seeing you all again in the store soon.