The Romperalls In Blue tartan Plaid | Smash + Tess

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What happens when you cross a Romper with overalls? Magic, that’s what! We levelled up the cozy on your fave Romperalls with our snuggle-worthy Wembray fabric.
Made in our signature Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton blend, the Romperalls are reminiscent of a Romper, but with the layering capability of an overall. It has a traditional patch pocket on the front chest, square neckline, sewn straps, with in-seam pockets.


How do you keep your romper silky smooth? Fabric pilling can be prevented to some extent by proper washing and care. Try washing your romper inside out and on a shorter wash cycle with gentle agitation.

And a reminder, just because the fabric is expensive, does not mean that it’s made of steel. It will snag or tear if you aren’t careful. So be sure to take good care of your romper, and yourself – cause both are amazing!