Mackenzie Blanket | Anupaya

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Named after the Mighty Mackenzie. Canada's longest river system that has the second largest drainage basin of any North American river after the Mississippi River. Hot damn! 

Our Mackenzie blanket is a showstopper. #wcw for suuuuure. Big, beautiful and bright, this wool babe is absolutely gorgeous.

Perfect for chilly mornings on the patio, snugging up with your sweetheart and every moment in between.

Warm, impeccably made, super soft and cozy, you will have this beauty for life. 

Through our 'One Pound Promise' Anupaya commits to taking care of our wild spaces by removing one pound of waste for every product sold.


  • These recycled wool blend blankets are SUPER soft and cozy.
  • Fabric is ethically sourced from Italy and cut and sewn in our studio in Ontario Canada.
  • 65% recycled wool anACCd 35% poly.
  • 5ft x 6ft (they're big!!)


Our blankets are machine washable. Wash on alone, cold and gentle. Hang to dry (we lay ours over the shower curtain) and they come out like new!