Juniper Mittens | Tentree

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The great outdoors is at the palm of your hands - keep them warm with these stylish mittens. With a treeline design around the cuff and intricate patterns, they capture what we are all passionate about. Reinforced with our mission; simply and inspirationally put “Plant Trees”. Made increasingly sensible with quality materials like merino wool.

We are inspired by positive change and recognize the impact each one of us can have on our planet and the environment. Every tentree product purchased is complemented by ten trees being planted. As part of our progressive approach, we implemented a tree registry program – giving you direct access to see where your trees are planted, and more importantly, the impact they'll have!

Printed Knit Mitten, 50% Merino Wool (Mulesing Free), 50% Acrylic

Made from a machine washable blend of low-pilling acrylic and merino wool. Our merino wool is from non-mulesed source or comes from farms that do not practice mulesing.