Wyldr is a pure celebration of untamed hedonism. Wyldr unleashes your inner party girl - the kind of girl who dances on top of the tables 'til dawn from LA to London and beyond.

All pieces are designed to be perfect for evening ... or the morning after.

Think of the London party girl who flies to LA for two nights to DJ and needs standout glamour for London but badass, boho pieces for LA. That slinky dresses that scream Studio 54 and dancing on tables, to lace-up 70s inspired denim shorts and sheer blouses layered with a shaggy fur. Wyldr is a celebration of wild hedonism, youth, and self expression.

Wyldr is more than a clothing line. Inspired by millennial jet-setters, with a trans-Atlantic social scene and a busy life, who values travel and experience over everything - and want a wardrobe that seamlessly fits around their lifestyle Wyldr is a way of life. 

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